About Sky Chinese

Having opened over a year ago, Sky Chinese Cuisine quickly became a popular destination for all those looking to experience the real taste of Hong Kong. As the lift doors open and you enter the restaurant, you are immediately transported to a world where taste goes hand-in-hand with attention to detail.

Sky Chinese Cuisine Chinese dining experience

Fresh food, made to order

All the dishes on Sky Chinese Cuisine’s menus are prepared to order, giving you fresh food which is full of flavour. We take pride in our food and service, and our staff are always on hand to offer advice on different dishes and what selections to go for.

We also have a broad variety of drinks on our menu, from a range of chinese teas, herbal drinks and all the familiar classics.

Tea Set

Did you know…

“The Cantonese name for the restaurant is ‘Ming Yan’ which means ‘celebrity’ and it can be argued, that this is the place everyone wants to be seen at.” 

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